Emma has condemned the government for not prioritising homelessness, as new statistics show a big rise in deaths of homeless people.

Government statistics reveal that across England and Wales 726 homeless people died in 2018, a rise of 22% and the biggest increase since records began in 2013.

Emma said:

“It is shocking that the number of homeless people dying has once again increased, and there are so many people who have no place to call home. This is an issue which is getting worse each year, and the Government’s response is not good enough. When Labour was in office, we brought homelessness down by two-thirds. Since 2010, it has more than doubled.

“The vast majority of people who are homeless in Wolverhampton are not sleeping rough, but are ‘hidden homeless’ so could be sofa surfing, or moving between friends and family. Services which prevent homelessness and help homeless people, including social housing, drug support, and local government, have suffered nine years of brutal cuts.

“The Government claims it wants to end rough sleeping, but after nine years in power, cuts to housing benefit, cuts to social housing, cuts to local government services that help people with addiction problems, and a huge failure to tackle the mental health crisis shows they are not backing up their words with action.

“Every homeless death is a tragedy, and every single one is avoidable. The Government are not prioritising this and they need to get a grip. It is unforgivable that so many people are dying on the streets because of policies pursued by this Tory Government.”