Emma showed her commitment to the emergency services by visiting her local fire station.

Emma recently visited Fallings Park Fire station where she met firefighters under the command of Station Commander Samantha Samuels. Emma received a briefing on the key issues facing the fire service from Simon Barry, Head of Response at West Midlands Fire and Rescue, Samantha and her team of firefighters and was shown the facilities including the station’s fire engine and rescue equipment.

Following the visit, Emma said:

“It was great to meet the local team of firefighters at Fallings Park Fire Station and hear about their work and the challenges facing the fire service today. Being a firefighter is a difficult and dangerous job, but it is clear that those based at Fallings Park have passion and enthusiasm for the fire service, and this shows through the work they do in the community.

“I was particularly pleased to hear about the work the firefighters are doing on fire prevention. All tower blocks in the city were inspected following the Grenfell tower disaster, and any concerns are being addressed. This work will give peace of mind to people across Wolverhampton.

“The fire service, like all emergency services, are experiencing the impact of budget cuts. They have lost £38m since 2011 and are operating with fewer firefighters across the West Midlands. It was worrying to hear about the impact these cuts have had on the fire service. I will be pressing the government for more funding for the fire service.”