Emma Reynolds has published a landmark report on the views her constituents have on road safety in the city.

Emma has been surveying her constituents about road safety, and has completed a report on the findings. Of those who responded, 99 per cent were concerned about road safety, with 96 per cent worried about road safety in their own street.

Speeding was the number one cause for concern for an overwhelming majority of respondents. Four out of every five people who responded said it was an issue. Poor driving was second and inconsiderate parking was third. The other major concern was the increase in traffic and the subsequent dangers to pedestrians and cyclists.

Commenting on the findings, Emma said:

“The response to the survey makes it is clear that road safety is a big issue in Wolverhampton. 99% of respondents said they were worried about safety on our city’s roads, and 96% said they were worried about it on their own streets.

“The vast majority are worried about speeding, with a considerable number concerned about poor driving or inconsiderate parking. The Police, the Council, and the government nationally need to make changes to ensure people in our area are able to travel safely.

“This survey has shown that things need to change. I will make road safety an issue I campaign on in the forthcoming General Election campaign and if I am re-elected as your MP on 12 December, I will press for changes at a local and national level to make our roads safer.

“If re-elected on 12 December, I will call for a debate on road safety in the House of Commons, and campaign for new speed cameras, cycle lanes and more action from West Midlands Police on speeding. Emma will also press for a change in the law to allow Wolverhampton Council and West Midlands Police to keep the money raised from speed cameras, and spend this on road safety. Currently this money goes to national government.”

The report can be read in full below: